Koigu Shop Contest

Post on your stores Instagram, Blog or Facebook page about Koigu. Tag Koigu or #koigu in the post. Post 8 posts in 15 days between the dates October 1 to 15th. 

We will give stores that reach the goal 10% off your next order. As well as a feature on the Koigu Blog.


Stores that reach the goal of 8 posts, will then have their name put into a draw...

3 draws your store can win :

Prize 1: Win five complimentary Koigu magazine 9

Prize 2: Pop - up Koigu trunk Show event to your store Featuring  Koigu Magazine 9 and some Koigu Vintage pieces. Taiu and Kersti Landra will be your hostess. (takes place in the next 8 months)

Prize 3: A FREE Newsletter AD  in Vogue Knitting’s next newsletter -

Idea’s for your post! 

  • Post your current Koigu WIP 
  • Post your stores Koigu Wall - #koiguwall
  • Post some of your Koigu stock 
  • Post your favourite Koigu colour combo 
  • Post your favourite old Koigu project
  • Post a previous meeting or visit with Koigu Taiu and Kersti. 

Will be posting Stores names here as they are entered