Make IT Koigu

Everybody has a story with Koigu and we want to hear your’s! 2018 is the year of recognizing progress and making! To do that Koigu wants to see your projects and hear about your exciting experience with Koigu in the last 26 years. In the next 12 months we want you to send us photos of your garments knit out of Koigu, with a little information on them and your Koigu story. Each month Koigu employees will pick one maker to receive a special Koigu package, filled with lots of goodies! Share your projects that are knitted, woven, crocheted and more! Remember to send photo’s each month as your Koigu projects progress. 

What we want you to send us!

  • A photo of your Koigu project 
  • Name of project
  • The type of yarn you used + colour numbers if you know them!
  • Your story and experience with Koigu

EMAIL your info to 

All photos submitted will be posted here! So check back here for photos, inspiration and admiration. 




"My project turned out a bit bigger than the one in the book so I have decided to use it as a shawl 

p.s - I did the double crochet edge for the finish :) "



"Here is the crescent shawl that I knit for a friend's birthday in March.  The lace section was knit with two skeins of KPPPM # P719, and the stocking stitch, short row section used one skein of KPPPM # P536.  Both yarns came from a mixed bag of skeins that I bought at the tent sale last summer.  The stitch pattern reminds me of branches, and the colours remind me of spring, so I have named this design "Spring Branches.”"



"Finished my Spindrift shawl in koigu !!
Love it"


Jo Ann

Mitts Pattern and Yarn purchased at Marji's, New England Fiber Festival, November 2017

Susan S.

"My 'wave blanket' knit with an assortment of yummy KPPPM yarns (worked double) based upon the sweater pattern featured on the cover of Koigu magazine 2. I love working with Koigu yarns."



"I always have several projects going at the same time so I didn’t want to work on this exclusively. Instead, I knitted one square a day for a year!"


Susan L.

"This was a Free Your Fade by Andrea Mowry in 5 shades of KPPPM"




Love my Koigu gradient family cowl



"Eliza poncho ( wearable in two ways), which I knit with koigu kpppm. The original pattern can be found here My husband keeps sending me yarn bouquets of kpppm from jimmy beans wool.  Each has three skeins in a similar color.  I used two bouquets for my poncho, and I supplemented with some one or two other skeins to help with the fade."



"This is my "Sea and Sky" crescent shawlette/scarf.  It was made from KPM and KPPPM yarns I bought in mixed bags at the tent sale last August, colour numbers 1061, P743 (although the number on the label and the corresponding picture on your website don't really look alike), and P850. 

I designed and knit this shawlette for the "February Blues" Arts and Crafts Exhibit hosted by the Arts Advisory Council at the L.E. Shore Memorial Gallery in Thornbury, Ontario.

None of the yarn stores I frequent carry Koigu yarns, so I was excited to be able to get to the tent sale last August.  This is the first item I have knit with the yarn I bought there, and I am pleased to be able to share it with you via this Make IT Koigu project.  I have thoroughly enjoyed playing with combinations of skeins from the three bags of yarn--and six individual skeins of colours I couldn't resist--and will share with you more of the designs I create as the year goes on.



"My project is a Chinook Scarf. I used 2 skeins of Koigu KPPPMP139  M17069 This pattern was perfect for the 2 skeins I received as a gift.  I haven’t used this yarn before but I can’t wait to do another project with it.
The colors pooled and striped making a beautiful scarf.  It has a soft draping appearance."



"Knit in Kpppm purchased at the first tent sale. It was beautiful to work with and the colour work gave its own comforting rhythm to the plain stocking stitch of the pattern. I receive compliments on the yarn as often as the garment whenever I wear it and I have been wearing it a lot.” 

From Toronto, ON


"I've finally managed to complete my oriental jacket. I love my jacket it's lovely and warm, my friends are coveting it."



"I think I might have been using Koigu from nearly the beginning. I bought the yarn purely for the colors, learned to knit socks so that I would have an excuse to continue stockpiling the yarn and eventually discovered I could weave it quicker. Here is the first sweater I knit for my granddaughter Ruby. She picked the colors out of my stash (which runs to several bins), and it is pure Koigu, of course. By the time it was finished, her favorite color had shifted from yellow to pink—thus pink buttons!"




Koigu Kersti - Finished January 2018
Love knitting with Koigu - The colours and quality is amazing.
These mittens are getting lots of use this month!

From Waterloo, ON



Made this blanket and baby sweater for my beautiful grand daughter in koigu ❤️


Received the yarn for this project at the 2017 VKLIVE at the Koigu cocktail party!



"Just finished a summer poncho. First time knitting lace pattern. Used Koigu Kersti no. 40123, used exactly 5 skeins. This is now my most favourite yarn! So happy it’s Canadian yarn too! Drapes very well. Haven’t washed yet."

From Verona, ON



"Just finished a summer poncho. First time knitting lace pattern. Used Koigu Kersti no. 40123, used exactly 5 skeins. This is now my most favourite yarn! So happy it’s Canadian yarn too! Drapes very well. Haven’t washed yet.”