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A look at the designs.. 

small3 IMG_1899.jpg

Moggie Blanket - 


By: Joanna Clayson 

Crocheted in Koigu Othello 

1 skein of O340, O887, O180, O920, O950, O931, O309A, O930, O373, O482, O705, O918


The Lakewood Infinity Scarf - 


Sierra Anantravanich

Knit in Koigu Chelsea

4 skeins of C742


Textured Knit Blanket Throw - 


By: Alison Abbey

Knit in Koigu Othello 

8 skeins of O2170

small 7IMG_2147 2.jpg

Taila - 


By: Maie Landra

Knit in Koigu Othello 

10 skeins of O931, 2 skeins each of O2424 and O2423

small hugo IMG_2603.jpg

Hugo - 


By: Kersti Landra

Knit in Koigu Othello

1 skein of O2423, 2 skeins each of O2425, O2432, O2433, O2435, O2504

The Fourth Wall Throw -

By: Lindsay Onken

Knit in Koigu Othello

7 skeins of O2432

small cowlIMG_2665.jpg

Aura Cowl - 


By: Taiu Landra

Knit in Koigu Othello

1 skein each of O920, O931, O2504, 

small judah IMG_2566.jpg

Judah Blanket - 


By: Maie Landra

Knit in Koigu Chelsea 

5 skeins if C5513


Lahini Cardigan - 


By: Jessica Carey

Crocheted in Koigu Chelsea

8 skeins of C720

Styx - 


By: Kersti Landra

Crocheted in Koigu Chelsea

2 skeins each of C5513, C3011, C3016, C742, C3013, C5511

small cowl IMG_2679.jpg

Azzo Cowl - 


By: Taiu Landra

Knit in Koigu Othello

1 skein each of O310, O5520, O930, O2433

small scarfIMG_2114 2.jpg

Painters Palette Scarf - 


By: Taiu Landra

Knit in Koigu Chelsea

1 skein each of C882B, C309A, C718, C454, C373, C748

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This summer we have created many new colours! Our two new themes are firework and slate, both inspired by our love of speckles and the farm environment. Designed by our amazing creative team, along side artist Maie Landra!


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