Small Square: CO 21 sts using knit-on CO. Row 1: (WS) sl.1, K19 tbl, P1. Row 2: Sl 1, K8 tbl, SK2P, K8 tbl, P1. Row 3: Sl 1, K tbl to last st, P1. Row 4: Sl 1, K7 tbl, SK2P, K7 tbl to last st, P1. Rep Rows 3 & 4, dec 2 sts at center every RS row, until 3 sts rem, ending w RS row. Last Row: (WS) Sl 1, P2tog, PSSO. secure last st.

Ombre Shrug

Chart should read in the round 

When changing to colour C, 30 rows to bind off. Increases should read at row 7, 15, 22, 30


Polar Bear Hoodie

Takes 3 skeins instead of 1. 


Woodsong, pages 79–82

Bottom cable symbol in STITCH KEY is called 13-st RC and should be worked as foll:

Sl 7 sts to cn and hold to back, k6, sl first st from cn to LH needle, k1, k6 from cn. 

Colour Correction for Moggie Blanket in Vill 

O180 should be O170 

O340 should be O310 

O309A should be O495

Decalcomania in Magazine 9 

Brk, yo, Brk’ is ‘brkyobrk’. 
brkyobrk 2-stitch increase. Into one stitch, brk1, yo, brk1.

Sl2yo is sl1yo. Sl2yo is wrong. 
Sl1yo slip 1, yarn over. Slip the next stitch purl-wise, then bring the yarn over the needle (and over the slipped stitch) to the back, in position to work the following stitch. This slipped stitch with its yarn over is considered 1 stitch.


Row1: sl 1, kfb, sl1 (4st); Row 2: knit; row3: sl 1, kfb, kfb, k 1(6 st); Row4: knit; Row 5: sl.1, kfb, knit to last 2 sts, kfb, k1. Repeat the last 2 rows until you reached 150 st,

Painters Palette Scarf 

14 rows of E, 2 rows of F, 2 rows of E

14 rows of F, 2 rows of A, 2 rows of F

14 rows of A till cast of

Little Flies


Lace Pullover by Deborah Newton in Magazine 9

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 10.16.17 AM.png

Deborah Newton Cabled Cardigan 

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 10.38.30 AM.png

Dreamboat shawl - Pencil Box Collection

You start with first 2 rows then repeat only rows 3 and 4 going forward. Yes you increase every other row by 4 stitches.( when you complete row 4). 

Continue until there are 120 stitches on one side of center stitch, then you bind off 120 + center stitch and continue on ( takes the shawl in different direction).

For decreases in row 4 where you previously "yon" you may k2tog or skp.

Koigu Lattice Sweater

Yarn Requirements:

various CC totaling approx. 400 (450,500,550)g