Koigu Magazine 

Koigu magazine’s are published each year with designs featured by not only Maie, Taiu and Kersti Landra but designers world wide. Each magazine has timeless pieces so don’t hesitate to look at them all. 

Magazine 10

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Magazine 9 

Magazine 9 incorporates a wide variety of Koigu Yarns. Look for world class designers and intricate projects!


Magazine 8 

Koigu Magazine #8 offers 30 colorful knit patterns in gorgeous yarns such as KPM, KPPPM, Kersti and more. Patterns include cowls, socks, cardigans, pullovers, scarves, ponchos and more!


Magazine 7 

Koigu Magazine #7 offers 31 wonderfully colorful patterns to knit or crochet in the vibrant Koigu yarns such as KPPPM, KPM, Lace Merino and Bulky Merino. 


Magazine 6 

Show off the stunning colors of Koigu with the wonderful knit and crochet patterns in Koigu Magazine - using Koigu yarns such as the lovely KPPPM, Bulky Merino and Lace Merino. 

Issue 6 includes patterns for shawls, jackets, dresses, pullovers, vests, cardigans, leggings, skirts, scarves, hats, and a flower throw.


Magazine 5

Koigu magazine 5 features designs in KPM, KPPPM, Mori and Lace.


Magazine 4


Magazine 3


Magazine 2


Magazine 1