Pencil Boxes

venation shawl original.jpg
Pencil box venation shawl - Sea breeze.jpg
Box Secret Garden 0674 300 copy.jpg
venation shawl forest fruits.jpg
Box Ariel 0677 copy.jpg
global market IMG_3854.jpg
Venation Shawl Shadow Spice.jpg
Box Dreamboat 0681 300 copy.jpg
fall leaves IMG_3858.jpg
Box Bradley 0676 copy.jpg
Box Little Angel 0665 300 copy.jpg
Box Salsa 0663 300 copy.jpg
sweet pea 300IMG_5061.jpg
Box Romantique 0666 300 copy.jpg
Box Pacific Shake 0667 300 copy.jpg
Box The Annex 0672 300 copy.jpg
Box silent Purple copy.jpg
Box Tropical Tickle 0680 300.jpg
BERRY CRUSH 300IMG_5057.jpg
Box Jazzberry 0673 300 copy.jpg
Box Wildweed 0671300 copy.jpg
dance club pencil boxIMG_3849.jpg
Box Taango Glow 0669300 copy.jpg
NUDE 300IMG_5044.jpg
AZTEC 300IMG_5068.jpg
THE BALLET IMG_0932 copy.jpg
GO GREEN IMG_0927 copy.jpg

Pencil BOx COllection.. 

A Pencil Box, features 10 different colours in 25g skeins, specially curated by the women at Koigu. There are many ways that one can utilize the 250g, whether that be as a project, trim, to add little bits of extra colour or further variation of colour. The Pencil box collection book gives 14 beautiful small projects that one can create with a pencil box! 


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