Canada Day 150 at Koigu

The big day is almost here! 150 years of our beautiful home, Canada, is only a few days away.

Koigu is based in Grey County, a stunning area filled with green farms, fresh lakes and rock formations. Strawberry season is here and we have been surrounded by beautiful reds. We love that we have been proudly Canadian for 25 years so to mark the special occasion we hand-dyed two limited edition KPPPM yarns!

Both were created with a medley of reds featuring Canada's official Flag Red, the exact same dye used to make our national flag. One is speckled and the other is tie dyed, cheekily and patriotically named "Canada Eh" and "Oh Canada".

Left: Canada Eh. Right: Oh Canada.

Left: Canada Eh. Right: Oh Canada.

You can buy these two vivid colours in our new online store that features unique, not-available-in-stores Koigu yarns and products. Pudding Yarn also is now proudly also carrying them. Act fast because skeins are limited!