Koigu Hack: How to Fold Triangle Scarves

It may seem simple, but everyone is familiar with those pesky garments that are an awkward shape that you just can't seem to figure out how to fold nicely. Triangle scarves and shawl are one of those things! Taiu Landra, owner of Koigu, herself admits to not knowing how to properly fold them until a few years ago, despite knitting countless triangle scarves over the years. 

So, for your watching and learning pleasure, we have created a little video and step by step for how to fold those tricky triangles.

How to Steps:

1. Lay the triangle garment flat on a clean table or surface horizontally.

2. Grab one triangle point and bring it into the middle of the scarf and fold.

3. Repeat step two with the other two triangle points.

4. Now that you have a rectangle shape you can fold in half once or twice to end with a flat, contained garment.

There you have it! Simple and quick, but likely much better looking than the random way you were probably doing it before.

Happy folding!