Designer Spotlight - Knitting Wonders

Knitting Wonders, takes some of the most beautiful crafting photos on Instagram. Whether that be with her Colorado scenery or beautiful stitch definition. The following interview is with Sierra of knitting wonders, designer of a quick knit cowl in Koigu Vill! 

How many years have you been crafting? I picked up my first knitting needles when I was eight years old and never put them down again! Not a day goes by that I don’t express myself through art in some form, whether it be through knitting, crocheting, embroidery, painting, etc. 

How has knitting/crocheting affected your life? Knitting and crocheting has had a profound impact on my life. For me, knitting is a form of moving meditation, allowing me to be fully present in the moment and express myself creatively. 

Whats you favorite stitch? Definitely Garter stitch! Like many knitters, it was the first stitch I learned, and it has a special place in my heart. I love the classic look of Garter stitch and always find it refreshing to knit something with Garter stitch if I’m having a ‘creative block’.

Who do you make for most? Honestly, I rarely keep my own knitted items; instead, I much prefer gifting them to friends and family. However, the majority of my items are purchased from my customers via my Etsy store and other online platforms.

What’s your ideal knitting environment? I knit everywhere— planes, cars, waiting in line, at the park, etc! But my ideal space is at home in a cozy, clean, quiet space in a comfortable chair with some soothing music in the background. 

What’s your favorite project ever created? I recently finished my favorite project to date: a granny square blanket. For years, I’d make a square whenever I was feeling happy or sad or something major happened in my life. It always stayed in the back of my closet, and I never actually thought I’d finish it until this February. It was very therapeutic to complete this blanket, and it was nice to reminisce on all the things the blanket had been around for: getting married, moving across the country, becoming a lawyer, sad moments, happy moments, etc. Though it took many years for me to complete it, I think that’s also what made it so special.

Any craft you’re interested in trying? I’m one of those people who if I want to try something, I do it. I rarely wait to take action on something I’m interested in trying - life’s just too short for that! Recently, I learned embroidery, which I’ve found extremely enjoyable!

What are you making now? Right now, I’m working on a few dozen orders for customers: hats, scarves, mittens. I also have my first pair of gloves on my needles! I’ve never made gloves before, so I’m having a lot of fun learning; lots of trial and error!

Facts about you: I’m madly in love with my hubby of eight years, I’m a mother to three kitties, I’m a lawyer, I spend almost every weekend hiking the Rocky Mountains, I’m a southern girl - born & raised in Kentucky with the accent to prove it, and I LOVE Koigu yarn! :)

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