Marjis Yarncrafts - Local Yarn Store Day

Marji’s Yarncrafts

Marji’s is located Granby, Connecticut. Featuring a wide range of products, along with kits and classes. Below is a look at Marji’s custom colour, further information on the shops LYS Day plans, along with some shop photos!


Has Marji’s participated in a similar event to LYS Day before? The only similar event that I have participated in is the I-91 Shop Hop. This will be our 8th year for the event, which is held in June and includes 11 stores along the !-91 corridor in Connecticut, Massachusetts & Vermont. I really enjoy that weekend, meeting new people, seeing lots of my regular customers and hearing about what they are working on, always some cool handknits that people are wearing, just a lot of bustle and fun.

What is unique about Marji’s? Well, each store is so unique and reflects the personality of its owner, that’s what makes it so much fun to visit different stores. I have been in business for 30 years, and that’s pretty unique in itself. That said, I try to keep up on what is new and interesting in the “knitting world” and I attend trade shows so that I won’t be left out of the loop. I still get excited about each shipment that comes in and I love coming up with ideas for what we can do with new yarns as they come in. I hardly ever purchase a yarn without an idea about what to make with it! I love to put colors together and I spend a fair amount of my work time with customers who are planning their multicolored projects. I also design for my shop and I have enjoyed designing for Koigu Magazine for the last 5 issues, and for other publications here and there. I sell my designs here as well as on Ravelry through in-store sales. Some of my designs are available as kits exclusively here at the shop. My favorite job of all is to put the colors together for my Koigu kits – playing with all sorts of combinations until I have each colorway just the way I want it!

What will you be showcasing on LYS Day? Everything! But I do have some special items coming in, including two colors of Koigu KPPPM dyed just for my shop, and some new stitch markers that are my designs. I will also be giving away a special custom stitch marker with every purchase and a choice of a free pattern from my designs. I’m still working on some other things for that day!

"Those who have been shopping here over the years know that Koigu KPPPM is my favorite yarn ever. I’ve been carrying it for almost 20 years and now stock over 200 colors! BUT, I do carry all sorts of other beautiful products, ranging from lots of hand-dyed beauties to great basics and luxury fibers. I try to carry a deep enough inventory to cover what most yarns will be used for and I am always happy to give technical help and trouble-shoot any knitting and crochet problems. I so enjoy my customers and it is energizing for me to help them plan their projects!"