Designer Spotlight - Elke Schroeder

Elke Schroeder is a german design who does an amazing job with playing with colours! Below are two designs that Elke made in Koigu Magazine 9! The first is the Potpourri Shawl. Knit in a assortment of 10 skeins, this is a perfect stash busting project! The second design is the Puzzle Cardigan knit in a assortment of 10 skeins in both solid and variegated colours. Learn more about Elke below!

What are some interesting facts about you? 

Originally I'm from Germany, born and raised in Frankfurt/Main. Since 35 years this is our home base, a little village near Bremen, North Germany. But now my dutch husband and I are relocated in  Miami and I love, love, love it! Our 4 children are all adults and live their own lives, so we only have to take care of our mixed dog Emma.

How did you begin knitting and crocheting? 

I'm sure I was born with knitting needles and crochet hooks in my hands.

How many years have you been crafting?

Nearly my whole life

How has knitting or crocheting affected your life?

It gives me the choice between my creativity and social life. A couple of hours the week I'm working and teaching in a yarn store and translate for KnitPro/KnittersPride, so I have enough time and space for knitting, crocheting, weaving spinning,sewing, designing.........Honestly, I've never enough time

What is  your favourite stitch?

Love them all

Who is your designing idol?

There are too much and it changes. Mostly I love people who works with bright colors

What is your ideal knitting or crocheting environment?


What is your favourite project you have ever created? 

A flower skirt!
Blumenroch Messe.jpg
Flower 1.jpg

What are you making now?

Oh, there is so much on the go, nobody is allowed having a sneak peak in my crafting basket(s). I hate working only on one project! Started a warm coat, socks, blanket ,crochet shirt............and so on