Designer Spotlight - Kathy Merrick

Kathy Merrick is a fabulous knit and crochet designer from Pennsylvania! She’s made many beautiful pieces for Koigu. We are very excited to share with you her design from Koigu Magazine 9, and hear some more details about her! 

10. k merrick kppm sole.JPG
10. IMG_1063.JPG

This is the Little Flies Wrap from Magazine 9. Crocheted in Koigu KPPPM, and KPM, this shawl is worked making smaller motifs first, joinning together to make large motifs. 

Fast Facts...

I live in Doylestown, PA USA, a lovely town in Bucks County. 
It's the county seat and home to several cool museums: The Michener (art), The Mercer (tools and artifacts) and Fonthill, the amazing and odd home of Henry Mercer.
I have a son, Andrew and a daughter, Charlotte. I attended LaSalle University in Philadelphia, where I got a BA in French.



What brought you into crocheting and knitting?


I've been interested in both since I was little, from watching my grandmother. She balked at teaching me because I am severely left-handed. I taught myself from books.


How many years have you been crafting?


45-ish. Yikes!


How has knitting or crocheting affected your life?


Much of my life revolves around both crafts. I knit or crochet every single day and can't imagine not doing that. It's my vocation and my avocation. And I've met some wonderful people, including Maie, Taiu and Kersti Landra!


What is your favourite stitch?


I really love stockinette and garter stitch in knitting and half-double in crochet.


Who is your designing idol?


Sophie Digard!! Genius French crochet designer of tiny stitches, combining cobweb yarns and using lots of colors.


Who do you make for most?


Most of what I make goes to books, magazines, yarn companies. Some I sell. Some I give away.


What is your ideal knitting or crocheting environment?


On my sofa, in my nice apartment or on my glassed-in porch.


What is your favourite project you have ever created? 


Pebble Flower Cardi from Koigu Magazine 7.

Is there any form of crafting or making your interested in trying? 


What are you making now?

I am happily crocheting away on some hats made from leftovers of KPPPM.

Last Thoughts.. 

I count myself really lucky to have been befriended by the amazing Koigu folk. Over the last two decades, I've loved learning about yarn and color and style. I still am crazy about the yarns and working with them is a joyful experience. Having the opportunity to be warmly welcomed at the Koigu household and to see all that goes on in the woolshed and rainbow room has been one of the best parts of my life.


Here are a few of Kathy’s other popular designs in KOIGU