Koigu Collector's Club: August: CULTURE


The second instalment of the Koigu Collector's Club is here! August's limited edition colourway is CULTURE. A Speckle Celebration in enriched colours, CULTURE is bright and summery, hand dyed by Taiu, inspired by bohemian fashions, patterns from around the world, and crafts in an array of colour! 

Colour is used in our clothing, our crafts, and branding to convey messages, express ideas, feelings, etc. Colours across different cultures around the world are perceived very differently... we at Koigu find this very interesting and inspiring! The perceptions of colour in different cultures we can describe as colour culture, which helps to make the colour combinations of different cultures so distinctive and the world of crafts so diverse. 


Coming to Koigu stores near you very soon....

Koigu Collector's Club members are listed in previous Koigu Collector's RAKU blog post. Browse to find a store near you that carries limited edition Koigu CULTURE. 

Stores carrying culture: