Koigu 3rd Annual Tent Sale!

We are very excited for this year’s tent sale! It is our 3rd annual and will be held from August 17th to 19th, from 9AM to 4PM at the Koigu Farm. 

We welcome makers from all across Ontario, as well as those willing to drive a little farther. 

The Tent Sale is a great way to see the Koigu Farm, and try some Koigu yarns that may not be as readily available as KPPPM! 

The farm has lots of land with a pond and lots of room to picnic and bring your family and dogs! 

Let us know if you're coming and RSVP on our Facebook event: here.


Koigu Farm 

563295 Glenelg Holland Townline, Chatsworth, Ontario, N0H 1G0

If your a LYS in Ontario, looking at carrying Koigu. The tent sale is a great opportunity to drive to Koigu and purchase yarn for your shop!