September Design Loves!

It’s time for fall making, and so many beautiful design have been released over the past month we can’t wait to start making! I’ve rounded up some of my favourite designs, both for their use of colour and texture!

The Counterpoise Scarf, by Janelle Martin is knit using Koigu Skeinettes, in 22 different colours, two skeins each. Using Koigu Skeinettes you have the opportunity to use more colours and create greater colour contrast. You can find this pattern on Ravelry.

The Charsi sweater by Camille Descouteaux, is knit using Koigu KPPPM. This sweater is absolutely stunning and has an excellent shape, a great sweater to work on colour mixing! As well, this sweater is written in both English and French! Find the pattern on Ravelry.

NEON is back. The Boxy Pullover by Maria Leigh, is lighting up the fall issue of Vogue Knitting. Knit in Koigu Kersti, this sweater is both comfy and stylish, and could be knit in any colour.

Of course we can’t not highlight a pair of socks, and these socks are adorable. Featuring beautiful bobbles, these socks will have your feet dancing. Knit in Koigu KPM, the Bobbie socks designed by Maven Crafted, are a great way to spice up your sock knitting. Find the pattern on Ravelry.

The Rockaway Pullover by Roni Halloran, is a beautiful sweater knit in Koigu Chelsea. This sweater could use any two contrasting colours to get the same effect. Find the pattern on Ravelry.

If you know of a new pattern that you believe should be featured, please put it in the comments below!