A Small Town Canada Koigu Story

Canada is known and loved for its small town feel and all of us Canadians often get that silly question from others, "Oh you're from Canada? Do you know Joe Smith?" since our population is so small. Here at Koigu we are in tiny Dornoch, Ontario and are proud to be a small staff operation, so we really love to hear happy-ending-small town stories that are the epitome of rural Canada.

One of our favourite little stories comes from one of our retailers out in British Columbia, Sew Much More. 

Here's the owner Kathy's story:

"New Denver is a beautiful rural small town in the Kootenays of British Columbia, where everyone knows everyone.  

When the delivery service delivered a Koigu package to me and found the shop closed,  they left a notice on the front door that the package was dropped off at the back door (but there is no back door, and no package).


So, I contacted the delivery service and Koigu to try and track down the package.  No luck. I phoned the gas station where they sometimes drop off un-deliverable packages.
Again, no luck.

The next day I phoned the drop off depot in the next town.  The delivery service driver just happened to be there at that time, and he told me he had dropped the package off at the gas station (backdoor!) I had phoned the day before.  It was there...all is well...Good news all around..."

Photo source: here.

Photo source: here.

With a population of only about 500 friends, its hard to lose a big shipment of yarn! Thanks for the story Kathy and give Sew Much More a visit in beautiful New Denver, BC. 

Happy Canada 150! and keep being small-town friendly Canada!