News This Week (February 14th, 2018)

Happy Valentines Day! Here are a few newsworthy items we couldn’t wait to share with you!

Antti Koskinen has been breaking the internet this weekend as the Finnish Olympic snowboarding coach who knits at the top of the hill as a de-stressing tactic.

Kersti at TNNA had the opportunity to sit down with Jimmy Bean and talk about the different bases of Koigu and a bit of the history of Koigu!

Almost there #marledmaniasweater

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Amanda Seyfried is working on a Stephan West Marled sweater, featuring many different colours of Koigu amongst other yarns. Do you have some stash yarn that you’ve been looking to use? Why not make a Marled Sweater!


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The Following Shops Received New Shipments of Koigu This Week: 

  • Three Bags Full - Vancouver
  • Colorful Yarns - Colorado 
  • Atelier - California
  • Adirondack Yarns 
  • Serenity Yarns - New York
  • Handknits - Ontario
  • Little Red Mitten - Ontario

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