Designer Spotlight - The Hook Nook

Calling all crocheters, Jessica Carey aka the Hook Nook designed a beautiful crocheted cardigan for our pattern book Vill called the Lahini Cardigan! Not only does she crochet beautiful projects in all weights spanning anywhere from fingerling to roving, creating beautiful cardigans, tops, hats and many other creations! Koigu paired with Jessica in the fall on her curated Maker Box.

I asked Jessica a few questions too get to know her and her maker process!

What are some facts about you? I am a wife to my tattoo artist husband and we have two amazing kiddos. We currently reside in Oregon, USA and I love it here! I am a self-proclaimed fiber enthusiast. I love discovering new yarns and fibers and exploring the possibilities that they can become. I am a coffee junkie who also enjoys some yummy red wine on occasion! 

What started you to Knit or Crochet? When I became a mother, I wanted to learn how to crochet so I could make my daughter special gifts that she could keep as she grew older. I loved the idea of allowing her to have handmade items that could have more meaning to them. So, I taught myself to crochet from YouTube videos!

How many years have you been crafting? I've been crafting for as long as I can remember. I remember painting ceramic houses with my nana when I was just a child, but I only have been crocheting since late 2011. So happy I took the time to learn this craft, it's changed my life!

How has knitting or crocheting affected your life? It's done more than affect my life, it's truly changed it. Learning to crochet allowed me to realize that I am able to do anything I set my mind to. It's given me self-confidence and a sense of community by "meeting" THOUSANDS of others who love yarn just as much as I do. After a life of feeling like I never fit in, I finally found a space where I feel more like Jessica than I have ever felt before. These are my people.

Whats your favourite stitch? Oh goodness, I don't think I have a favorite stitch. More than a single choice, I mainly love combining different stitches in one project to allow for some true texture and originality. I love combing "basic" stitches with textured or raised stitches to create super fun designs. 

Who is your designing idol? I don't think I have any specific designer who I look up to as an idol, but there are several who I am encouraged from. I love Jacqui Fink and her ability to turn knitting into larger than life pieces and she's been able to take her talents across the world and has designs featured in some of the most luxurious places. I also enjoy many custom bridal designers. I find so much inspiration in the intricate details of beadwork and lace. Though these types of details take an exceptional amount more of time to complete, it just allows for some truly breathtaking imagery.

Who do you make for most? Well, considering I primarily enjoy making garments for women, the bulk of my projects are mainly for me and that sounds incredibly selfish. Ha! I've made my children several things, but I truly love to make women's items.

Whats your ideal knitting or crocheting environment? This is a fun one! I am usually in my pajamas, with coffee or tea in hand and listening to my music on shuffle. I find some much solace in alone time and thrive in it. Add in some cozy socks, pretty sunshine coming in through the windows and maybe even a yummy pastry.. Alright, now I need to go get a scone..

What is your favourite project you have ever created? Oh goodness, I'm proud of many designs, but I think my current favorite is my Evangeline Cardigan! I had so much fun combining stitches, colors, textures, and materials to create this super cute and trendy cardigan.  

Is there any form of crafting or making your interested in trying? There are SO many kinds of crafts I'd love to try! I am excited to try my hand at embroidery, weaving, punch needle, knitting, and so much more. I truly love fiber and all the kinds of crafts available that use it! I also am inspired by watercolor and can't wait to play around with that some more!

What are you making now? Right now I'm making too many things - ha! From a scarf to a cardigan, I've got a few designs in the works!!

Anything further you want to talk about…I want to everyone to know how awesome they are. This fiber community is unlike any other I've been part of or witnessed. The amount of support and love everyone has for each other is so incredible and so inspiring. I'm so absolutely honored to be connected with such amazing people who light up my life. My Maker journey has been nothing short of incredible and has led to some amazing opportunities as well as self insights. I've discovered how worthy I am, how loved I am, and how much I want others to know these things. You are enough. You are worthy. You are beautiful. Never let anyone tell you differently. <3 


Jessica is an aspiring woman, and Koigu can’t wait to see what she’ll create in 2018! 

Vill is now available as an ebook from Webs, as well as Koigu Othello (Chunky weight). Koigu Chelsea will also soon be available from Webs also. Learn More about Koigu Chelsea and Othello