Colour Workshop with Taiu 1.0

Picking colours for your new project is not always easy. Over the next few blog posts with the help of Taiu @ Koigu, you will gain a few new tricks and tips for colour picking!


Lets say you have to colours, drastically different, that you love an you’d like to make a project with!

In order to blend these colours together you have to start pairing with one, and work your way to the final blue in this case. We start with a colour with similar pink and yellow orange as the first skein.

Transitioning to the next skein. The third skein /colour has more purple and still carrying the pink but in a smaller amount.


Getting closer to the blue. The next skein has navy and purple to carry over from the last skein and we are starting to introduce bits yellow to reach our green.

the next skein we introduce a green aqua shade, keeping hints of blue/ purple/ pink .


Now at this point if you have a 6 skein project you could end here. Or if you only need 4 or 5 skeins, then you can take either skein 3 or 4 out to keep the fade, while not ruining the effect. Our last skein/ colour to the blend has the aqua green with strong strokes of the blue/ purple and no pink.


Thank you for following along on our first colour workshop!