Colour Workshop With Taiu 2

My hope is that you found our first workshop to be helpful, and that you gained some valuable information for picking colours. This week, is another trick in mixing colours from your stash!

Have some single skeins of KPPPM or Kersti “Koigu” for a while in stock? They don’t seem to fit in a fade or fashion? Let’s change it up! We are going to blend some colour thinking in a painterly manor.

Step 1: Pick 2 skeins that are in the same tone with similar qualities ie. one colour similar, a rainbow etc..

Step 2: our 3rd colour is in a lighter tone / contrast or darker It can give spark to your colours.


Step 3: We then twist the 3 skeins together and decide if we like the combo. Squint your eye and see if it is pleasing. If not sure try step 4


Step 4: With your camera place it in Black and White mode and see how your colours work.As you can see 1 &2 are very similar in tone and our 3rd sparks. You can also try this with a red glass. 


Another Example: Here we show 3 skeins there are 2 rainbows and a pop green.


We now look at as a black and white. The green shows it is a different tone

Part of a scarf project -  we have applied a repeat sequence to make the fabric look painterly 


We look at in Black and White and see how are fabric is alive with tone change and highlight


Triforce Scarf

Download the pattern and try your hand at mixing colours

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